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Scheduling now – fall field trips to b&b farm!

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Bring your class to b&b farm.

Born from our love of teaching, we have started offering fall field trip opportunities to schools in our communities and surrounding area–we'd love to share our farm with your school or class.

We are truly proud of our new and improved jam-packed field trip schedule that we are rolling out this year to ensure that your kids are engaged and entertained for the entirety of your class trip!

Here's a quick glimpse of what your time at b&b would look like:


Every trip is centered first around the opportunity for young minds to learn the ins and outs of a working farm. 

Each field trip includes the following stations that provide hands on learning opportunities:

Meet the Farm Animals

Fire Safety

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

At every station, children are encouraged to ask questions and to be an active part of the demonstrations, ensuring that the lessons will stick with them long after their field trip ends.


Anytime we invite others to our farm, we always know they're in for a good time!

With field trips, we have added so many new and fun play stations to give your classroom an opportunity to experience the joys of farming!

Things like:

Farm Tour Wagon Ride

Big Ol' Playground

Fossil Dig Experience

Sensory Corn Pit

We want to ensure that when you look back at your trip, you remember the joys and fun of farming!


One of our top priorities is to ensure that every detail of your field trip is unique and memorable for years to come, both for you–the teacher–and for your classroom.

That's why we've focused on the details to ensure every moment with us meets your expectations, meaning every trip includes:

Scenic, Covered Lunch Spot

Free Souvenir Pumpkins

Ample Photo Opportunities

Chaperone & Parent Inclusive

It's important to us that every member of your group has a fantastic time–from the students to the parents to you!

b&b farm field trip pricing

Only $11 per visitor

We believe a fun field trip shouldn't break the bank for your school or students. That's why we have worked as hard as we can to provide your classroom with the absolute most bang for your buck!

Everything above (and we mean everything) is included in your admission fee for students and chaperones. Want to hear the best news? Teachers and bus driver's admission is free!

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b&b farm field trips faq

Got a question about field trips with b&b farm? Chances are you can find your answer here!

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Reserve a day for your class trip!

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Reach out to us with any questions you may have about field trip specifics on availability, prices, class size quotes and more!

We will respond to you via email as soon as we can.

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