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Hi, we're the Bradfords

What started as a way for our family to live sustainably has now turned into our full-time business–and we couldn't imagine things any other way!

For us, it all started in 2013 with a really big dream and a small plot of leased farm land–we realized we had a deeply rooted desire to raise healthy, grass fed beef for our own family and local community. So with a single momma cow and her calf, we set out to grow with what we had, looking to God to lead us through the passions he placed on our hearts.

In 2016, we were able to purchase land of our own to continue to grow our herd, but we didn't stop with just beef cows. Since then, we have added chickens, bees, goats, the best barn cat and a two mini donkeys (Dolly and Dixie) to our 'farm family' and we aren't slowing down any time soon. 

Soon after settling into full farm life, we felt so energized and purposeful in our sustainable lifestyle that we started looking for opportunities to share it with our community. We introduced field trips and fall family days as a way to include those around us in our day to day life and we have loved every minute of it!

We truly believe our story is a testament to patience and hard work, starting in what may look like 'little things', but trusting in the Lord's ways and timing to help us grow what he has graciously given us to look after. While we may not know what He has in store for our farm next, we wouldn't trade a thing for our time here at b&b farm!

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Experience farm life
for yourself.

We'd love to be your host! Use our farm space for everything from birthday parties to a scenic photo shoot location for your family.

Our expansive grounds will be more than enough for most group sizes. Use our space for an event your guests will never forget.

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